ebuyer logo

The Challenge

The Ebuyer brand, whilst relatively well known and recognised as being an online retailer of electronics, the brand is in need of a refresh. The current logo doesn’t really tell potential customers what Ebuyer is all about. It needs to instantly invoke the feeling that this is the place to go to purchase my new piece of technology, my new gadget, my new laptop for work or my new gaming rig. 

The website has a look and feel of many other similar online retailers but with the market becoming increasingly competitive, Ebuyer needs to stand out from the crowd. The website needs to feel like a technology e-commerce website but not just any technology e-commerce website. It needs to be THE technology e-commerce website that people go to first for their next new tech purchase. It needs to be the place that people feel the experts work and can service their requests efficiently. 

The Sketchbook

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The Animated Logo

The Brand Guidelines

Screenshot of Brand guidelines

The Mobile App Prototype


Interactive Prototype