Takeda – Dengue Fever information website The Brief To create wireframes and interactive designs (prototype) for a website aimed at members of the public who are planning on travelling to parts of the world where the risk of Dengue Fever is considered to be high. Wireframes Designs



Cryoport is made up of four main companies and their business is temperature controlled supply chain support for the life sciences industry. The brief was to provide new designs for each of the four company websites as well as a the main Cryoport Inc website. The project was limited to a set number of components for …

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ebuyer logo

Ebuyer rebrand concept

The challenge The Ebuyer brand, whilst relatively well known and recognised as being an online retailer of electronics, the brand is in need of a refresh. The current logo doesn’t really tell potential customers what Ebuyer is all about. It needs to instantly invoke the feeling that this is the place to go to purchase …

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